Western Scrub Jay

Bird of the Week

The Western Scrub Jay is a medium size bird, about 11.5 inches. Western Scrub Jay’s are very common West of the Rocky Mountains.
scrub jay

The Western Scrub Jay’s are hoarders, they like to grab peanuts from my bird feeder and bring them to another area collecting them. The Western Scrub Jay is usually seen forging in pairs or family groups during non breeding season.  I have seen five at a time feeding from my feeders.


Also, new research from University of California, Davis states that the Western Scrub Jay has been seen screeching  over a dead Jay for half an hour so other Jay’s would come on over for a “funeral”.  

What is the most interesting about a Western Scrub Jay is he has been known to eat  from human hands like on this utube video.



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