There are 80 species of true Wren.

Appearance: The Wren is a small-medium size bird about 4.75 inches. The Wren has small wings and often holds its tail upright. It’s bill is thin, gray brow with a slight curve. Its coloring can be beige, buff, black, brown or gray.

Behavior: The Wren is bubbly & energetic just like its song.
It hops on the ground wagging or flicking its tail.

My Wren experience: I saw a Brewick’s Wren in my backyard.

Brewick's Wren

Brewick’s Wren

It hopped on the ground wagging its tail. The clear crisp lines on the Brewick’s Wren were impressing. It quickly become one of my favorite birds. Although, the Brewick’s Wren only blessed me with its presence once. I hope to see it again someday.

How to find the Wren:
Good luck finding the Wren it doesn’t spend much time in the open. Look for the Wren in dry, bushy or scrubby environments in Western Northern America.  Listen for the male’s call in the Summer or raspy calls coming from the tangles or scrubs.

Male Carolina Wren                                                                Carolina Wren

Winter Wren                          Fairy Wren
Cactus Wren Cactus Wren

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