Spotted Towhee

Name: Spotted Towhee1220__400x400_spotted-towhee-22a
Appearance: round chunky body, fan shaped tail, thick bill, short pink legs
Bill: Pointed Bill
Size: 7-8 1/2 inches
Color: Head black, eyes red, black wings with white spots, white breast The female is duller in color, a dark brown instead of black, and her head is more grayish.
Habitat & Migration: Forest edges, thickets, woodlands, gardens, and shrubby park areas.
Vocalizations:  distinctive rattling song which has a buzzy thrill and repeated phrases
Food: acorn, insects, berries & seeds
Behavior: It does a comical  “bunny hop” to find food. The spotted towhee is a shy bird. Monogamous & Territorial Its forages on the ground by scratching vigorously in leaf litter for seeds and insects. 

My spotted Towhee experience: 
The spotted towhee is a frequent visitor in my backyard.
He likes to eat seeds from the ground next to my platform feeder.


Spotted Towhee


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