Feeder Watch Project First Day

 What a great first day at feeder watch!

Outside I had my

  • coffee with biscotti
  • bird book
  • tally sheet to count the birds
  • Comfy lawn chair

Bird Count #1

  • Many Sparrows                  21
  • House Finches                     2
  • Crows                                      11
  • Hummingbirds                   9
  • Sharp Shinned Hawk      1
  • Mystery Bird                          1

Who knew so many birds could be in my backyard in one hour. 🙂
My mystery bird is grey with brown wings, thin long beak, sitting in a palm tree on the top branches alone?


2 thoughts on “Feeder Watch Project First Day

  1. We did this last year and the year before. Since our feeding area was outside a window, we counted basically all day. Any time someone walked past, they’d stop and count. Then there were the many times we went over to the window to specifically see who came by. We’d try and guesstimate how much time we spent counting. Some weeks were more than others. During a good counting week, we had about 15 species, but that was not the normal.

    That is a lot of Crows, so they actually come to your feeders? We’ve had a couple land in our trees and fly over, but they’ve never come to our bounteous table. 🙂 And that is great you have so many hummingbirds. Do you know what species of sparrows you had?

    I do not think I could guess your mystery bird. I am not familiar with Western birds at all. Did you look at the Thrashers?

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