Should I be afraid of a Crow roost?

The town of Murrieta, California has a roost of crows. (north on California Oaks rd/east of the Hwy 15 off ramp) near Monroe Street.

  1. This roost is recorded to have in excess of 2000 crows ebird count.
  2. On  the count is 3000 in the roost.

Is a roost of crows what inspired the movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock?

Name: American Crow
Bill: Straight bill
Color: Black body,legs & bill

 Amazing Crow Facts:

  1. Crows mate for life.
  2. They live all over the world except Antarctica.
  3. Crows are very social birds.
  4. They roost to protect themselves from predators hawks,horned owls & raccoons. Crows roost in large numbers (in the thousands).
  5. The term “murder of crows” mostly reflects a time when groupings of many animals had colorful and poetic names. Other fun examples of “group” names include: an ostentation of peacocks, a parliament of owls, a knot frogs, and a skulk of foxes.
  6.  Crows are predators & scavengers, which means they eat anything. They eat road-kill, insects,snake, frogs, human fast food.

It’s alarming to see thousands of crows in one spot but for now the crows have left me alone so I’m going to leave them alone. 🙂

Web Sites about Crow Roosting:

How to get rid of Crows

North America Crow Roost Map


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