Northern Mockingbird

Lately, the Northern Mockingbird has been at our backyard platform feeder.

He is very territorial. When another bird tries to get into the platform feeder he makes a noise at them and pushes the other bird off.

Our Spotted Towhee & Scrub Jay’s have vanished from our feeder so this Mockingbird is good entertainment.

I don’t know what is going to happen when the Spotted Towhee or Scrub Jay’s return(will we have a fight) but the Northern Mockingbird is fun to watch.  What is he eating? He is eating Mealworms. Yummy!

Nice & Sweet

Nice & Sweet

Not so sweet

Not so sweet-Stay away from my feeder

Good Look at him

What to look for when Identifying him.

Good Birding!


2 thoughts on “Northern Mockingbird

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