Indentifying a Bewick’s Wren

A little hyperactive bird ran around my yard yesterday. When trying to identifying the bird. I

Bewick's Wren thanks to Cornell Orthiology. My new camera comes in soon. I should have some good pictures of my own soon.

Bewick’s Wren -my new camera comes in soon until then Thanks, to Cornell Ornithology for this picture.

found a few characteristic that made it easier to identify him.

What to look for when identifying a Bewick’s Wren?

  • Flicking its long tail as it hops around the yard-so cute
  • Long tail is held upright
  • Bold white eyebrows
  • Long slender bill that are slightly curved downward
  • Colors: brown-gray

He is cute,sweet & I hope he blesses us with his presence again.

Good Birding!


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